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The advent of smart home technology has revolutionized our way of living. Smart homes provide flexibility, precise control, and convenient operation of most essential household systems such as lighting, appliances, air conditioning and heating systems. These home systems can easily be controlled by simply using voice commands. If this all sounds too good to be true, then check out the amazing things being done at Integrated Media Systems. When it comes to smart home design, installation, configuration, and maintenance, you won’t find a team more committed and invested in the future of smart technology. Our Ashburn smart home technology team provides seamless operation for all your home's crucial functions, designed to your specifications.

We are proud to offer a wide selection of technological solutions, including: 

  • Custom Theaters
  • Automation
  • Wifi & Wired Networks
  • Safety & Security
  • Access Control
  • Media Rooms
  • Distributed Audio & Video
  • Gate & Door Station
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Lighting & Shading

Our company started in 1971, and since then, we have been a smart technology leader in the area. We are proud to provide a vast range of the most popular services used in smart homes today. The smart home technology we offer has become one of the most sought-after investments for modern homes. We take pleasure in being the foremost name in smart tech integrations in the DC Metropolitan Area. We offer a wide range of smart devices ranging from switches to thermostats. Our services also extend to customized setups for home theater and media rooms, creating the perfect balance between coziness and technological advancement. 

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A Comprehensive Selection of Customizable Home Technology Solutions

At Integrated Media Systems, we provide a wide range of home technology solutions, many of which can be customized to each client’s preferences.  Whether you want to create the ideal home theater system, transform your home into a state-of-the-art entertainment space that will leave your neighbors envious or upgrade your home’s security by adding a robust monitoring program with industry-leading security solutions, our Ashburn smart home technology team is ready to work!  Our services include efficient sound system installation, display installation, in-wall wiring, and smart lighting that provides you with the ideal viewing atmosphere. We also offer audio and video driving services throughout your home, allowing you to link your home theater system to multiple displays for an all-encompassing viewing experience. Integrated Media Systems is also a leading name in innovative security solutions. Our advanced video surveillance systems and smart locks are just a few of the many security options we offer. We cater to our customers’ individual security concerns, letting them personalize the system needed to meet their home safety concerns. We also offer electronic access control system services for commercial buildings. Whether you're in a shared office space or own a small retail store or a large building, our electronic access system gives you the freedom and flexibility to control who has access to your premises. This feature provides you with enhanced security and allows those authorized to enter your business while keeping those not out.

Unlocking the Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Many home electronic devices have become essential to our daily routine. In the past, upgrading your home with smart tech required a slate of devices to make it happen. Each feature required mechanical control, but with the integration of the internet, these devices can now be managed automatically. Home automation provides the convenience of turning lights on and off, locking and unlocking doors, regulating temperature, and even starting or stopping appliances such as your TV and sound system. At Integrated Media Systems, we cater to your home automation needs by providing you with the ideal level of technology that suits your preferences. Whether you prefer a complete automation experience or want to begin with a few automated features to improve your everyday life, our team is ready to help! 

We realize that most people desire something in between full smart home optimization and targeted automation. Our technicians can customize the services needed to customize the smart home of your dreams. Plus, at Integrated Media Systems, we can do all of this while also working within your budget to provide an automated and functional entertainment system that promises an unparalleled experience.

Technology Designed to Work for You

Not every homeowner wants a completely smart home. Maybe you’re simply looking for targeted smart technology that meets a specific need. Security is a primary area where automation and smart devices can be transformative. Many of the traditional home features we loved in the past have now been surpassed by the power of modern innovation. Traditional door locks are no longer sufficient for ensuring the safety of your loved ones and property. Integrated Media Systems offers advanced innovative home technology that goes beyond conventional security measures by providing efficient and effective home monitoring solutions. Our video surveillance systems are equipped with night vision and alarm capabilities, while our smart door locks afford you the freedom to control who enters your home from anywhere. Plus, we can seamlessly integrate all our security options into your existing smart home environment. Home automation has made owning a house simpler and more cost-effective. 

Ensuring smart security measures is vital for safeguarding you and your loved ones. Advanced security systems empower you to regulate access to your property while also enhancing your safety strategies with customized settings that you can adjust with the touch of a button or even your voice. Integrated Media Systems provides comprehensive security solutions, ranging from smart door locks, and security lighting to video surveillance systems, that offer real-time monitoring of all critical areas of your property. Our video surveillance systems come equipped with high-quality cameras that provide clear and real-time footage, keeping your property under constant vigilance. With our advanced security lighting services, you can improve the safety of your home and keep intruders at bay. Our smart door locks feature cutting-edge tech that allows you to control who enters your property, even when you're miles away from home. Integrated Media Systems is committed to delivering top-of-the-line security solutions for all our clients. We understand the need for reliable security, and our smart systems offer this by integrating modern technology to assure effective and efficient security for your property.

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Technology to compliment your lifestyle. Enjoy life at home.

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