5 Signs You Need A New Business Security System

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At Integrated Media Systems, we know that older technology equals increased security risks. With better understanding of your security system, you can make sure that your business is secure. Here are the 5 most common signs that you need a new business security system.


1. No Remote Access or Monitoring

Modern day security systems allow business owners and managers to monitor their businesses from anywhere by simply logging into an access portal on their mobile or desktop devices.

2. Your Employee Demographic has changed

Overtime a business sees employees come and go. This creates vulnerabilities in your security system. As your company changes, so should your security and access control measures.

3. Low Resolution Security Cameras

High-Definition video can be the difference between recognizing and apprehending a criminal or them getting away. Don’t settle for Low-Resolution security cameras when the safety of your business is involved.

4. Wired sensors

In the past these were meant to protect your business, but wired sensors on entry ways are now security risks. Technologically advanced thieves can easily cut and disable wired sensors thus rendering them useless. Integrated Media Systems can implement a modernized security and video surveillance system that is not easily disabled.

5. Lack of Access Control Monitoring

In the past knowing when employees were coming and going in the building could be difficult. Today access control monitoring is a security measure that is mandatory for preventing unwanted intruders. Every time you issue a new employee a front door key that key can be replicated at a hardware store. Electronic key fobs, on the other hand, cannot. Key fobs leave data records in the security access control monitoring system that lets you know exactly who used the key and when.

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Noticed any of these signs recently? Don’t ignore them! Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation. We pride ourselves here at Integrated Media Systems, on providing the highest quality security, video surveillance, and access control systems in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC areas.

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