Color The Night With Landscape Light

landscape light

As Americans are increasingly spending more time outdoors, backyards are transforming from simple landscaped yards into primary entertaining spots. In fact, a study conducted late last year by the popular home improvement app, Houzz, showed that out of 4,500 users, a whopping 56 percent planned to improve their outdoor spaces for entertaining with landscape light and audio. Here are some tips and tricks for turning your backyard into a glowing escape or party space.


Creating luminous outdoor nightscapes is more exciting, convenient and fun than ever as our Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC  homeowners literally have millions of colors to play with thanks to color-changing LED lighting that integrates easily with your entire smart-home system. It all starts with a little planning.

Planning for Landscape Lighting

Whether you are updating your backyard with landscape and LED lighting or you are starting from scratch, it’s very important to call your electronic systems contractor early on. For example, the cool glow of underwater lighting for pool and spa is irresistibly fun and you can control it from a color wheel offering 16 million colors on an iPad®. If you want this feature, it’s better to get us involved before the pool is filled with water to avoid a potentially tricky (and more expensive) underwater retrofit situation. If you want your pool lighting to change colors gradually and automatically, we have solutions that swap out with your existing pool lighting. Making sure you have electrical in all the appropriate spots also takes a little forethought; call us early, and save time and money later.

Accenting with LED Lights

LED lights can also be used to accentuate other water features, such as serene waterfalls or spill bowls lit up with relaxing turquoise, romantic rose, soft white light—the possibilities are endless. In fact, thanks to the miracles of LED rope and tape lighting, you can light up virtually anything. We can install LED rope (round) and tape (flat) lighting virtually anywhere to accentuate your outdoor spaces.

Want a soft glow under your outdoor bar? No problem.

We can even backlight stone or glass to bring a soft glow from behind architecturally translucent features to stunning effect. To really tie all your beautiful architectural and LED lighting together, we like to set up individually controlled outdoor zones. This way, you can light the waterfall, the Jacuzzi, the pool, the bar area or the garden all differently, choosing different colors for each. We can capture any preferred scenes (like Party, BBQ or Relax, for example) so that you can activate them with one touch on your smartphone or tablet. Add outdoor speakers to the mix for each zone, and you have a recipe for an epic party.

Call us today, (703) 420-5434, and we’ll help you design a colorful, one-of-a-kind outdoor space

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