Creating The Ultimate Man Cave

Man Cave

So much sports action, so few screens on which to watch sports. Isn’t it time you had a place you could call your own? A spot in your home where you can retreat, grab a cold beverage, sit back and let the worries of the office fade into oblivion? We call that place a Man Cave; you call it a necessity.


We are here to help you get your sanctuary up in running in no time. Give us a call or come in to get started. In the meantime, here are a few things to consider for creating the ultimate escape.


That’s right; any spare room in your home can be transformed into a Man Cave no matter how big or small—whether it’s a spare bedroom, the basement or even the attic. Whatever you have to work with, we can work with.


A Man Cave simply isn’t a Man Cave without the requisite larger-than-life screen. If it will fit on your wall, go for it. Luckily, both TVs and projection screens have evolved to comprise less frame and more image real estate. If you really want to do it right, opt for a multi-screen display so that you can watch NBA, NHL, and MLB simultaneously on different screens.


Nothing impresses buddies more than a room-shaking surround sound system playing a killer demo.

To do it right, you need a subwoofer (preferably two for best results) plus loads of surround speakers. We can help you dial it all in, not to mention make sure that you don’t disturb your family…or your neighbors.

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A mini fridge is a must for any respectable Man Cave. But really, you want to throw a mini bar in the back of a room. A wet bar with ice maker (low-noise, of course), a wine cooler if you fancy, a popcorn maker, a spot to store your favorite snacks, a slick espresso maker—all these can take your Man Cave to the next level. That’s a lot of functionality and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. While it may seem complex, this is what we do every day. We can make your high-tech home dreams a reality.


Even the plushest Man Cave isn’t a Man Cave at all unless you have the content to power it all. You will need an Xbox 1 and PS4, of course, for your video game action. Xbox recently inked a deal with Spotify™ to allow you to stream music to your console while playing games.

A streaming device is a must for any self-respecting techie, especially considering Apple’s recent news that they will be launching TV service in the fall. Devices like Roku®, Amazon Fire TV®, Chromecast®, and Apple TV® will let you binge-watch House of Cards on Netflix or Game of Thrones on HBO Go®. They’ll also let you stream your music collection from your phone or tablet. You’ll also need a cable or satellite TV box to get all your sports action, like DirecTV® NFL Sunday Ticket™.

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The extras can take your Man Cave from cool to envy-inducing. Consider seating with transducers— when the bass is kicking, you hear it and feel it. Add massage, recline or heating options to your seating. Add a little color changing LED lighting and you’ve got a slick room that, frankly, you won’t want to leave.

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Whatever you decide upon, remember, you’ve earned it.

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