Increase Your Home’S Value With Smart Home Technology

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Have you ever wanted to install a smart automation system in your home so you can effortlessly power up your home theater system or control lighting scenes in your dining area, kitchen or backyard? If so, it may be good to know that automation systems can not only increase your enjoyment today, but also enhance the value of your home tomorrow. In this short guide, we give you our top tips for increasing the value of your home with smart home technology systems, while creating a more convenient, more entertaining and more secure environment for your family.


There’s an app for that

As the “Internet of Things” becomes more pervasive, a prewired system keeps you future ready. We are moving into a world where everything will be connected resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and convenience. Each “thing” is uniquely tagged and will allow you to operate, see or communicate with all the systems in the home through your smart phone. If you need retrofit solutions for a home that is already built, we are very capable, willing and available to design and install a system to meet your needs.

Wire now, thank yourself later

While wiring may not be the most exciting part of a smart home, it is certainly one of the most important. Ideally, installing wire should occur during the early stages of home construction. We often need to run conduit with fiber optic and CAT6 cable—the most current cable standards available for your home. You can even run appropriate wires and cables outdoors for lighting, audio and video; your home will easier to sell as homeowners search for tech-ready homes. This ensures that no matter when you decide to install a home audio, video, network, lighting or security system you will have a bullet proof infrastructure for all of your automation needs.

If it’s structural, it stays

Every home is unique, but a good rule of thumb is that if technology is part of the home, such as inwall speakers or lighting panels, then it should stay behind for the next owner. We also find that offering up even non-structural gear—like sources in a centralized rack—is a great way to entice buyers. We’ve seen real-estate listings that tout our installed systems as a way to attract potential buyers.

Document your system

The most important rule of thumb in order to build value through technology is to have your electronic systems contractor clearly document the system. Without clear documentation and an understanding of how the system works, the new homeowner won’t have a way to interpret, service or upgrade the technology. We will provide all the necessary information.

Lighting systems sell

While home theaters and media rooms certainly add to the wow factor of a home on the market, lighting and control systems are more practical solutions that every homeowner can get excited about. Show a potential buyer how to turn off all the lights and open shades, and watch his or her eyes light up! A kitchen pops with under the cabinet lighting and artfully placed pendants. Automated lighting brings even more beauty to artwork and fine furnishings.

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We’d love to help you get on the path to a smarter home that will add to the value of your home. We can start gradually with structured wiring or execute a fully automated home, depending on your needs and desires. Call us today to get started with smart home technology!

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