How To Avoid Technical Issues


How Do I Avoid Encountering Technical Issues?

Recently, we discussed how important it is to keep your home WiFi up to date given the strain that work-from-home life and smart home upgrades can have on your router. Upgrading your router is just one way in which you can avoid technical problems in your home, seeing as a more up-to-date router can hold more devices and can work faster than older models.

But your internet isn’t the only piece of home tech that can stop working if not attended to. Technical difficulties can arise in a number of ways and it’s crucial that you be aware so you can address them before they become a problem for you and everyone else in your home.

Smart Home Technical Issues

Making the necessary smart home upgrades is key to avoiding technical issues with your smart home devices. One potential issue you might encounter with your smart home tech is battery life. Namely, your smart home devices will drain battery much faster if they’re not properly hooked up to a strong WiFi signal.

Smart home technology that is constantly straining itself to connect to your home’s weak WiFi signal will need battery replacements much more frequently. Give Integrated Media Systems a call about upgrading your network’s strength and reach so you can save yourself money and prevent smart home technical issues.


If you have an older television, you might start to notice that the images it produces aren’t as sharp as they used to be. That’s because TVs actually get dimmer over time. How long your TV lasts before it starts to lose visual sharpness depends on the TV. LCD TV screens get dimmer after around 7 years of use, for example.

Make sure you upgrade your television every half-dozen years or so to avoid this technical issue.

More crucially, if you have a television that is a decade old, its HDMI system is unlikely to work with more modern devices. For instance, if you want to spruce up your viewing experience with a 2021 4K Apple TV, you’re going to need a television that can support that aspect ratio. You won’t get that from a 2008 television.

You’d be wasting money by playing the 4K Apple TV in 1080p, which is all an older television could display. If you’re the type of person who commonly buys the latest streaming software, make sure you have a TV that can show off the images it displays.


Similarly, your speaker system will wear out over time. The good news is that the lifespan of a speaker is significantly longer than that of a TV; higher-end speakers can last up to a half-century without much degradation if they are properly cared for. Outside of upgrading your speaker system, one piece of advice for lengthening your speakers’ lifespan would be to keep them out of direct sunlight. The direct rays of the sun can do a lot of damage to the internal mechanisms of the speaker and lead to numerous technical problems down the line.

For decades, Integrated Media Systems has been providing technical support solutions in Northern Virginia. No matter what technical issue you want to tackle, we’ve got the knowledge to customize your system to fit the needs of you and your family.

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