Pros And Cons Of The Ring Doorbell

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Pros and Cons of the Ring Doorbell System

If you’re in the market for a home security system, you may have considered the popular Ring doorbell from Amazon. The Ring doorbell detects motion at the door and alerts users to the fact that someone is there. It also allows users to survey their doorway whether they’re home or on the road.

Ring Video Doorbell: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

But before you take the plunge, you should know that the Ring doorbell might not be the best choice for your home. Let’s dig into some of the benefits and drawbacks of the Ring doorbell system.

The Good

The Ring doorbell video system is cheap and useful for those who may not have a ton of money to drop on a home security system. However, there are endless drawbacks to this home monitoring service.

The Bad

Although the Ring system is relatively cheap, a major disadvantage is its limited range. Ring can only monitor a relatively small area like your front or back door. For other security concerns, like home security doors and gates, Ring pushes their “Works with Ring” products. However, with Integrated Media System’s security options, all of your home security needs are in one easy-to-access place.

The Ugly

The scariest drawbacks of using a Ring doorbell are security concerns. Ironic, right?
According to The Guardian, in 2020 dozens of people filed suit against Ring, owned by Amazon. They alleged Ring’s lax security measures allowed for hackers to invade the privacy of its users. Fifteen families claimed that their Ring system was remotely intruded upon when hackers watched and spoke to them and their children. Plus, criminals can not only hack into your device’s function, but they can also access your entire WiFi system. This includes sensitive banking data and other important passwords.

Why Choose a Full-Service Home Automation & Home Security Company

The disadvantages of the Ring security system are enormous and often outweigh the advantages. Certainly, getting the most from a Ring security system requires a complicated setup, endless phone notifications, and paying a monthly subscription. Even with proper set-up and maintenance, the Ring system has trouble with video monitoring at night and it can be disabled with one swift yank. However, there are home security options that are more effective, include other helpful home automation features, and require no effort to set up.

Comprehensive Outdoor Security Cameras

With an expertly installed and designed home security system from Integrated Media Systems, your security needs will be comprehensively met. Instead of one or two video doorbells, you will have a system of outdoor security cameras skillfully placed in high and discrete locations. No intruder or thief will be able to remove or disable your security cameras. Unlike a Ring system, your home security system will cover the entirety of your property making it impossible to sneak past a camera. Additionally, every detail of the intruder’s face will be captured including the digital timestamp needed to prosecute the criminal.

Lighting and Alarm System

Without a doubt, outdoor security cameras are an important aspect of your home’s security. Nevertheless, when your livelihood and family are actively at risk, unfortunately, there is little a camera will do to stop it.

IMS offers a full spectrum of alarm options that are easy to use and effective but still relatively unembellished. However, some clients find a more comprehensive system is needed. In this case, it is possible for us to create custom lighting scenes that are based on motion detection or a fire alarm.

For example, if your alarm system detects a breached door or window, all interior lights will turn to full brightness and exterior lights will flash. This automatic activation of interior and exterior lighting helps guide you to safety. It also assists emergency responders in identifying your home.

Home Monitoring Motion Sensor

Although video surveillance of your home is important, there are other risks that require advanced motion detection. For example, if the IMS motion sensor detects a fire, it will automatically set lights to half-brightness since full light in a smoky room causes confusion. Then, exterior lights will flash so the fire department easily knows your house is in danger. Moreover, water sensors will detect a flood which is especially important when you are on a vacation.

Smart Locks & Home Automation

Where Ring falls short, we shine! It’s complicated and expensive to install Ring’s automated door locks. Once it’s done, you have to manage each separately. With IMS home automation assistance, we install access controls applied to your doors, locks, fences, windows, motion detectors, computers systems, and more. Our access control services eliminate the risk of your WiFi being hacked and your sensitive data becoming exposed. And above all, no more struggling to find your keys!

Easy Set-up

For the best experience, the Ring video doorbell requires complicated electrical work. A rechargeable battery is included but needs regular charging which opens your home up to security risks. With IMS, we will come to your home and install everything for you. No accidental electrocutions or endless Google searches when you choose a home security company like IMS. While we secure your home, you get to relax with your family.

Do you take home security seriously but don’t know where to start? IMS will come to you, assess your needs, and expertly install a system that is easy to use and built to last. Schedule a security consultation today!

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